The Letter by Charna Ainsworth



Set in Mississippi during the 1980’s, and spanning nearly two decades, The Letter begins when Tiffany Crenshaw moves from California to the small town of Natchez. She meets Steven Cross, a country boy with wit and charm beyond his years. At their first encounter that once in a lifetime moment happens when eyes meet, hearts melt and true love has a chance to bloom. Rumors and lies spread by Amber, Steven’s ex-girlfriend, threaten to destroy what has only just begun. And with his mother determined that her son marries the perfect southern belle, Steven must go against all expectations to fulfill his destiny. 
Their forbidden relationship drives the young couple to become deeply intertwined, with bonds that seem unbreakable. They share their lives during Steven’s senior year of high school and experience a fiery and passionate love affair. Somehow they both knew that the other would be their soul mate, their reason for living, and once they shared their passion it would burn forever.
Inevitably change comes to separate and test the depths of their love as Steven moves away to college. With desperate begging and pleading, Tiffany makes him promise always to write her. Then he drives away leaving her hopes and dreams shattered in as many pieces as her heart. 
Circumstances begin to rip at the very seams of their love with each finding themselves living separate lives. The test of a long distance relationship proves treacherous for the young lovers but Steven never fails to touch his pen to paper and poetically spell out his love for Tiffany in words.
After Tiffany graduates high school, she moves back to California in pursuit of an acting career. Despite the miles between them they remain close during the trials and triumphs of life. Their invisible bond remains strong because of the incredible soul-baring love letters Steven continues to send even when it seems all hope is lost. Throughout the years when their paths cross through chance meetings and strange coincidences they are able to rekindle their relationship. When success comes, will the tides of fate finally change, giving them the chance to finish what they started so many years before?



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Shades of Persuasion by Charna Ainsworth

     Dreamers believe in true love that never ends. Then there are those who believe nothing last forever. When two people, with different beliefs, fall deeply in love a beautiful story begins. Set between the glamorous lights of Hollywood, California and the rustic charm of Natchez, Mississippi, Shades of Persuasion begins exactly where The Letter ended. Steven Cross and Tiffany Crenshaw reignite the flame they shared as teenagers. However, as adults with very demanding careers, they face new challenges. Tiffany, a celebrated movie star, relies on living in Los Angeles and being free to travel. Steven, a renowned author, does his best work when he’s in Natchez. The miles and the foolish secrets they keep from one another begin to weaken their bonds of trust. And with their families’ interference, Hollywood’s pressure, and the tabloids meddling in the most sacred details of their lives, their passionate love affair dances with the harshness of reality. Leaving them to question, can true love survive the rigid tests and trials of life’s shades of     The original book available here